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building a program to provide early parallel scientific advice with health technology assessment organizations to assist new drug development expanding the priority review policy to decrease review time for products needed by the health care system using existing and new real world evidence to support regulatory decision-making across a drug's life cycle renewing the Special Access Programme (SAP) to improve access to products that are not currently authorized for sale in Canada Our phone agents can assist in placing the order. Business hours vary throughout the week. Order Via Live Chat - The third option is to place an order with one of our live chat reps. Order By Fax/Email - Customers can email or fax over their prescription form to place an order.Read the patient information guide provided by the pharmacist before you start your Cialis medication. This medication has to be taken by mouth with or without food once daily or as prescribed by the doctor. The tablet should be swallowed whole without crushing or splitting it. The amount and time interval for the Cialis dose may differ depending on the need of it or a personís medical condition. If Cialis is taken on a need basis, it should be taken at least 30 minutes prior to sexual activity and its effect may last up to 30-36 hours. However, if it is due to medical condition, it should be taken as prescribed and directed by the doctor which is usually once in a day. If it is taken in this way then a person can attempt sexual activity anytime between the doses.